Welcome to our world! We are a family of six living in the lush green countryside of northern France where we emigrated from the southwest of England in March 2014.

When we first arrived in France, our plan was to build a house on a plot of land here, the proceeds from the sale of which would finance a move further south, to sunshine and a home of our own. After spending a long time struggling in temporary housing, we gave up on this idea and now the plan is to sell the plot to someone else for construction instead. We now live in the holiday house of my mother-in-law, which we hope one day to be able to buy. My husband, Jude, a talented builder and renovator of crumbling old barns, wants to build gîtes here and use the land productively to create a more self-sustaining life for us, our four children and all of the various animals we seem to collect along the way. We believe that simple is best: homegrown food is the future and we are so happy here away from the rat race and the stress of the modern world.

My life revolves around my children, art, photography and gardening. I also knit and stitch in a slightly haphazard way. In 2015 I opened my little Etsy shop selling lovely old French brocante, collecting vintage being a life-long passion of mine, with everything in our home being sourced second-hand.

One of our biggest reasons for wanting to have a brighter, more outdoors lifestyle is our second-youngest daughter who was born with Conradi-Hünermann Syndrome; a rare genetic condition which in her case has caused her to develop severe scoliosis of the spine for which she wears a plastic brace around her torso night and day, every day, as she has done since the age of two. She thrives outdoors, as all children should, revelling in the natural wonders of the world around her and is not held back by her disability.

We are a very happy, connected family, with a strong belief in old-fashioned, simple ideas about what that means: our job as parents is to create strong, independent and kind children who will grow up with those same values that we believe make the world a better place. We all share a great love of making and playing together, and I look forward to sharing our adventures with you, dear Reader! I’m glad you’re here and I hope you enjoy our story, with its’ many ups and downs.

I write from the heart, as this is the only way I know how to be.




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