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Jude came home yesterday with an extra passenger in his Land Rover: a tiny little grey and white tabby cat with the most amazing topaz eyes. She has been living in the barn in the middle of nowhere and she is completely used to people so clearly not feral. Jude has been working on and off for the last few weeks over there and she will not leave hime alone so he finally brought her back with him, much to the delight of the children! Mr Tibs, our maybe-two-year-old tabby cat was not very impressed at first but has taken to following her every move and calling for her when she’s out of view.

The problem is what to call her… she’s so delicate and pretty, yet clearly quite a tough little cookie so I’m drawn to a name that’s quite powerful but strong – osidian-esque, if you know what I mean. So the girls have decided that she is called Clara, and Jude wants to call her Smoky… Mr Tibs (Thibault) is smitten, so we may soon have kittens too.

Can you believe we’re in summer? Last week I was pulling out extra blankets for everyone, now I’m closing all the curtains during the day to stop us all being cooked in our little metal boxes. It is much much easier to keep these mobile homes warm than it is to cool them down.

So lots of water fun for the littles after school to cool them down a little. Four wet feet and one kind older sister pouring water from a blue elephant. My little piece of garden is looking splendid: one of the artichokes is just coming into flower which I’m thrilled about, and the Californian poppies are positively rampant. The bees are wild about the Granny’s Bonnets – Aquilegia, another of my favourites – all grown from seed. Whilst potting on all of the new little seedlings this afternoon I tipped out an old bag of compost and dug through it, squeezing out all of the lumps and almost squeezed the life out of this little toad who looked up at me very reproachfully. Note to self: always check the bags of compost for unexpected inhabitants first.

I treated myself to a Kindle book “Slow Stitch: mindful and contemplative textile art” to get some thoughts ticking along about all the stitching I’d like to do but don’t just yet. Jeanne’s 70273 Project has sparked such a great itchiness to get going with all I want to be doing… all these bags and bags of saved clothes and fabric: not hoarded, you understand, just waiting…. I’m looking forward, and kind of intrigued as to where that path will take me…