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Lellie in her kitchenTiibs in bedJude strimmingCabbage disaster

We returned home over the weekend after too long in a house and the rains arrived with us. You’d never think we were only moving next door. The exhaustion of the move meant that I forgot Tula’s school outing on Monday morning so she went without a packed lunch. Not one of the teachers or her classmates gave her any food I was shocked to discover when I went to collect her from the coach at school. Her class teacher (also the headmistress) took the time to walk up to me as we were getting into the car and enquire whether I knew I’d forgotten to give her a picnic but clearly did not care enough to spare a sandwich for my child during the trip, who as a result of my forgetfulness and their lack of care, went without any food from 8am until 6pm.

So, back to trailer life. I have forgotten that much of what I really get frustrated by with our lives in trailers is the constant moving between the separate spaces to do anything. Our living space, or home, is separated from the kitchen trailer by a marquee which contains all our non-essential items: out of season clothing, my fabric hoards and all kinds of other junk. Here’s a slightly crappy video on YouTube of how the trailers looked when we first moved in 2015. Since then Jude built our shared shed which is divided into separate spaces for me to keep my shop and he his tools; my side of which is a wonderful, bright and beautiful space.

Since we finally updated our tired and decrepit 2008 Macbook Pro, I have been trying to get my head around Lightroom and using Creative Cloud storage for my shop photos and family pics and to be honest I’m finding it all a bit bewildering. Up until the purchase of the new laptop, all of my photo editing was done using Photoshop and an external Seagate hard drive. Having a new machine is wonderful, but I’m buggered if I can get anywhere near a useable workflow yet, despite following online tutorials. I am also feeling pressured by Jude needing to update his poorly-performing website which I designed last year using a free template and Kompozer: he and I have very conflicting ideas about how a website should look which isn’t helped by the fact that I have since completely forgotten most of the coding I learnt.

Despite the bore of having to put coats on and wait for Lellie to put her shoes on again each time I want to walk outside, it is nice to be home again. The light is wonderful here and I’ve worked hard to clear everything to just the bare minimum in all of our living spaces so I can breathe again. Living in a tiny house, which seems to be a dream for many people requires a ruthless attitude to clutter, which the girls still struggle with: use it, put it away or lose it. One of my priorities during this period of sorting things out, was to get rid of excess toys. The girls are so much happier to play with a few, organised things rather than a constant sea of what ends up feeling like trash in such a small space. I’m a firm believer, despite my own personal need for ‘stuff’, in the importance of having visual space to think. Inside is good now. Outside, still a jungle…. Jude is slowly attacking it with a strimmer.

So much work to do, all of the time. All of this would all feel so much more d0-able if I didn’t have my constant two year old shadow demanding my full attention at all times.

Today I drove to the local mini-supermarket after delivering two shop parcels to the lovely lady in the post office in Saint-Samson de Bonfossé and filled up a trolley (around the Potts of course – she is far too much of a liability to let loose in a shop) only to find that my card was denied at the checkout and had to return home again sans groceries.

And then I knocked over a pan full of yesterday’s buttery leftover cabbage and peas which I had intended to turn into one of my very favourite meals: bubble and squeak with of course the sausages from the failed shopping trip.

Really these two days have not been a great start to the week.

Luckily I have this to keep me sane, which is Chuck Wendig’s funny, funny blog about his kid and writing and stuff.

On the subject of sane? We drastically revised our long-term plans during our sejour at Granny’s due to finding out that should we try to sell our newly-built house within four years of completion, French law dictates that we be charged a minimum of €15,000 in tax from the sale. We would be required to live in the house for five years in order to reduce this charge to a slightly more bearable 6% of the sale cost. So, plan no. 423 (I joke, but I am starting to lose track here) is now to simply sell the plot as it is. And go! Due to the struggling French economy, there are some wonderful properties out there at reasonable prices. It’s just a shame that we have wasted so much money on making a home here for no purpose, but I guess we did what we had to do.

Onward! The rest of the week can only get better.

And yes, the cat has his own favourite sleeping spots which the girls are permitted to borrow now and then.